Improvised Weapons

Single Stick Techniques

The ability to use anything within reach as a weapon will dramatically improve your self-defense effectiveness. In the course, students are taught to use the environment around them as a weapons cache. Car keys, pens, kitchen utensils, even the items on your desk can all be employed in your defense.

Improvised Weapons training begins by utilizing a single stick or baton. The basic techniques learned form the basis for the use of a variety of weapons which can be adapted for modern self-defense including:

  • Double Stick
  • Palm Stick
  • Short Staff
  • Edged Weapons (short)
  • Edged Weapons (long)

Group seminars and customized training courses for small groups (4 or more individuals) are available. Contact us at (737) 228-3973 or email for details and scheduling.

We also offer on-going classes in Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) kung fu. For more information visit .

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