Range Safety Officer Training

UPCOMING CLASS on August 23, 2022! For more information click here.

COURSE DETAILS: Cost $200, Length 9-Hours

The NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) program was developed in response to the demand for a nationally recognized range safety officer certification. To become a NRA Range Safety Officer, you must pass the RSO course and demonstrate that you possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and range operations.

The NRA Basic Range Safety Officer course covers the following:

  • RSO Roles and Responsibilities
  • Range SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Firearms Types and Actions (semi-automatic, revolver, bolt action, etc.)
  • Dealing with Firearms Stoppages and Malfunctions
  • Handling of Emergency Situations on the Range

Each participant also receives a copy of Muzzle Downrange!. Authored by Jeffrey Webb, this is the first book of its kind, written for those working or seeking employment in the firearms industry as a Range Safety Officer (RSO). Drawing upon extensive hands-on experience as a range safety officer and licensed firearms instructor, the author provides readers with a wealth of practical advice, knowledge, and tips. Included are firearms safety rules, basic RSO duties and responsibilities, ways to identity potential hazards, and illustrates proper procedure on the gun range.

Group seminars and customized training courses for small groups (4 or more individuals) are available. Contact us at (737) 228-3973 or email instructor@texasdefensivetraining.com for details and scheduling.

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