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Classes in all aspects of Self-Defense for people of all experience levels.

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Texas Defensive Training is your source for classes in all aspects of personal self-defense, for people of all experience levels. Our comprehensive curriculum includes all levels of firearms training, empty-hand training, use of improvised weapons, and personal protection.

Weaponless Defense
  • SwiftDefense┬« Weaponless
  • Weapon Disarms & Retention
  • Traditional Kung Fu
Improvised Weapons
  • Filipino Escrima
  • Blunt & Edged Weapons

Client Comments

Outstanding program. Jeff Webb is a professional and knowledgeable instructor in pistol, rifle, shotgun, License to Carry, and Active Shooter Response. I took one of his classes and he went WAY above and beyond what was required in the course. I highly recommend for the beginner or expert shooter.

N. Oweis
Firearms Student
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