Glock Armorer Services

We are a certified Glock Armorer and have experience in properly diagnosing, servicing and repairing Glock pistols. Need sights replaced or trigger work? We’ve got you covered!

Available services include:

  • General cleaning and inspection
  • Sight Work – you front and rear sights can be adjusted or replaced. If you have a Glock MOS (Modular Optic System) slide, we can install your red-dot optic.
  • Trigger Work – can reduce creep and lighten the trigger pull which can help improve your accuracy.
  • Installing Replacement or Upgraded Parts – this includes slides barrels, springs, connector bars, triggers, extended slide locks, extended magazine ejects, etc.)

Minor services can also be performed on different brands and models of handguns and rifles.

Before scheduling, please call or text (737) 228-3973 to confirm.

Please read our terms and conditions below, then click the BOOK NOW button below to visit our appointments page.

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Terms and ConditionsIMPORTANT!

Armorer services are booked in blocks of either 30-minutes (Basic – for a single service at a cost of $50) or 1-hour (Extended – multiple services at a cost of $75).

  • Parts are supplied by the client. Please confirm in advance you have ordered the correct parts for your firearm before scheduling. We highly recommend parts from Ghost Inc.
  • Note – we will perform a full function check in your presence upon completion of services.
  • Armorer services are conducted in our office at 13740 Research Blvd, Suite W-1, Austin, TX 78750.
  • Cancellation Policy – scheduled appointments must be cancelled with a minimum of 4-hours notice. Less than 4-hours notice, including being a no-call/no-show to an appointment, will be charged a $30 fee. Should you need to cancel, please call or text (737) 228-3973.

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